2008 Taxes get a face lift

The Sheriff Department has gone to great lengths to modernize the tax collection process for the 2008 period.  Along with the newly remodeled Sheriff’s office in the courthouse, the look and feel of the tax bill has also changed.  Gone are the old fashioned carbon copy tax bills replaced with a modern laser printed single page bill that easily presents the tax information for your property.  Also gone are the paper book copies in the Sheriff’s office replaced by computer software and bar code scanners.  All this including the ability of taxpayers to pay their tax bill via credit or debit card in the office will surely usher in a more modern tax collection period for Grant County by providing more access including a new searchable tax database via the Sheriff Departments Website, a streamlined payment process in the office, and more choices for payments.

Still to come we hope to be able to provide on-line payment processing in the 2009 tax season.

All of this improvement is being completed to help streamline the tax process and reduce clerical costs while providing an acurate accounting of your taxes.

Below is a larger view of the new bills.