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2017 Grant County Property Tax Statement
Chuck Dills
Grant County Sheriff
212 Barnes Road
Williamstown, KY 41097
Bill Number:6127
Location:PEACEFUL RD 443
Description:W MCGEE SUB SEC 2 UTIL BLDG & LOT 90
Map Number:067-17-02-090.00
Farm Acres:0Exemption:0Deed382-277
DescriptionRate per $100Assessed ValueTax
REAL EST STATE0.1220$20,000.00$24.40
REAL EST COUNTY0.1420$20,000.00$28.40
REAL ESTAT GRANT COUNTY SCHOOL0.5740$20,000.00$114.80
MENTAL HLT MENTAL HEALTH0.0160$20,000.00$3.20
HLTH REAL HEALTH0.0280$20,000.00$5.60
LIB REAL LIBRARY0.0980$20,000.00$19.60
EXT REAL EXTENSION SERVICE0.0628$20,000.00$12.57
SOIL CONS SOIL CONSERVATION0.0100$20,000.00$2.00
DRY RD FIR DRY RIDGE FIRE25.0000$100.00$25.00

AURORA, IN 47001
Total Tax$235.57
Amount Due if: 
2% Discount if Paid by Nov 1, 2017$230.86
Face Amount if Paid by Dec 31, 2017$235.57
5% Penalty if Paid By Jan 31, 2018$247.35
21% Penalty if Paid After Jan 31, 2018$285.04
While the Grant County Sheriff Department has made every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as names, addresses, etc. may change prior to updating. The Grant County Sheriff's Department provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. The final and official calculations, amount, etc. can be obtained by contacting the Sheriff's office during normal business hours at 859-824-3333.

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